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Community Based Rehab
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Established in 2004, our goal is to assist each client to achieve his or her maximum level of personal  potential.

By offering our clients a variety of treatment options such as community based rehabilitation services and substance use treatment we help them to gain the skills they desire to live a full life in the community.

Our staff includes Licensed counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Physician Oversight, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners, and Administrative Staff.

Know that all your personal confidential information is protected by law. 

                                 Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
                                                320 B Street Suite 110
                                                 Idaho Falls, ID. 83402
                                                Phone: (208) 612-5035
                                                 Fax: (208) 612-5036
                                     E-mail:  beehiverc@qwestoffice.net